The Official Amazing Race Rules And Regulations

There are official amazing race rules and regulations for the existing as well as new prospective contestants. Before you participate in these races, you must know what goes on inside them and which rules and regulations one has to follow as a contestant. And there is no harm in brushing up your statistics related to the Amazing Race rules even if you already know about them. Read on.

Here are some very basic Amazing Race rules to start with:

  • Team members should be at least 21 years old and must be there at the Open Auditions.
  • Each individual team member must put in a separate application forms which can be downloaded.
  • Both team members must be in superb physical and mental health.
  • All participants must consent to a background check by the producers of the Amazing Race show.
  • There is a STRICT no to alcohol, open fires, stoves or heaters, weapons or even tents.
  • Teams are banned from bringing any maps, guidebooks, cell phones, and other similar aids at the start of the amazing race
  • Teams will be been given some money at the start of each leg of the race.
  • Teams are given a credit card to buy tickets to their next destination before the race. However, they must buy economy tickets.
  • Teams are not allowed to contact with friends, family, and acquaintances during the amazing race.

Here are some more of the Amazing Race rules which you should be well aware of:

Both Team Members

When getting a clue both members of the team must be present in order to open the next clue. But the teams do not have to read the clue together.


While driving a car, avoid over speeding as you are sure to receive a time penalty then. So be careful on these Amazing Race rules.


The next of the Amazing Race rules relates to the clues. When reaching the pit-stop, the team must have with them all the clues that have been given to them during the leg of the race. In case any of the clues is missing, they have to get back the missing clue before checking-in. And each team is allowed only one Clue per Route Marker.

Road Block

After reading the clue or statement giving the team a hint as to what the task is going to be, the team members have to decide who will be doing the Road Block. They cannot change their mind once they have made the decision. The teammate who is doing the Road Block, can take verbal assistance form his partner but not any help physically. If quitting a roadblock task, the team will receive a 4-hour penalty. Keep these amazing race rules and regulations in mind.


The teams will receive a 24-hour penalty if they decide to quit a Detour task. It may be a conscious decision by the team members to not to do the task. But they have to be aware of these official Amazing Race rules before making nay such decisions.


No participant or team is allowed to stop other teams from going on with what they have to do in the Amazing Race. However they are allowed to do this except when choosing to use the Yield on them, which are part of the game, or else they will be penalized.

Straightening out a bill

The teams are not allowed to pay for something such as a cab ride, with items of their own. They should get ready to receive a 2 hour penalty for breaking these Amazing Race rules otherwise.

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