The Brain Teasers In The Amazing Race

Brain teasers in the Amazing Races are one of the Amazing Race challenges, which is a mix of puzzles, riddles and hunts requiring athleticism and teamwork. Each contesting team running the race may choose either a physical challenge or a brain buster challenge. Sometimes there are no choices and one has to face the brain teasers in the Amazing Race.

Some contestants have quite a bit more wisdom for brain busters and the idea is to complete challenges along the way to move on to the next destination. These brain teasers in the Amazing Races are really fun and engaging with interactive activities. They test the thinking, creativity, communication, teamwork, and a lot more skills of the contestants.

Examples of the brain teasers in the Amazing Race

1. Riddles

Nothing is more exciting than solving a riddle and that too on an amazing race. Sometimes the teams may have to solve as many as ten difficult riddles! The teams are expected to learn how to rely on each other’s skills to solve the riddles in order to complete the task.

2. Word Hunt

Another of the brain teasers in the Amazing Races are the word hunts, which can sometimes fill up an entire paper. The team members go crazy finding the hidden words. To be able to execute this task efficiently, the players need to develop their own creative thinking, decision making as well as communication skills through the activity.

3. Picture Puzzle

Here a picture is printed out on a huge paper and posted on a cardboard. It can be anything from a theme to an abstract art. It is then randomly cut and offered as a puzzle to the contesting teams. Sometimes matchstick puzzles are also used to test the brain power of the teams.

While tackling the brain teasers in the Amazing Race the teams get to test their brains while crossing over the obstacle courses and racing to the finish.

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