The Chinese Version Of The Amazing Race

The Chinese version of the Amazing Race, also known as , “The Amazing Race: China Rush,” is based on the international Amazing Race show format, which made its debut on August 8, 2010. It is the third Asian version of the franchise. Featuring 10 teams racing through 11 Chinese cities, consisting of extreme physical challenges and sports contests, the 12-episode reality show of Chinese version of the Amazing Race was filmed by Shanghai production company Fly Films over 30 days.

The Chinese people have an amazingly high tolerance level when it comes to foreigners behaving a bit strangely. Hence, with all those bodies of the Chinese version of the Amazing Race show, the contestants stood out wherever they went. It was a challenge for the camera crew following the participants as well as the locals they came in contact with. The show was sure to make for some great television time.

The Chinese version of the Amazing Race showcases the best of Chinese culture, cities, cuisine and warmth. With the participants traveling far and wide across this great nation throughout the game show, what made this show stand out amidst a crowd of Chinese reality shows was as the crew and the teams were able to do things and film in places no-one has been able to before. Plus most of the reality shows in China today are studio-based while this that this is one of the first local reality TV shows to leave the studio.

Interesting to a wide race of people and audiences, Chinese version of the Amazing Race was premiered in early August. The complexity of shooting a live race outdoors throughout five or six locations in one city, sometimes two cities in one episode was sure a bigger challenge.

The prize for this Chinese version of the Amazing Race was a world tour provided by Although some contestants were already living in China, some teams came to the Middle Kingdom especially for the show.

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