The Creators Of The Amazing Race Show

The creators of the Amazing Race show are Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster. In this article we will try to know them better. The innovative series was first aired in US in 2001 and has only grown in popularity, earning eight Primetime Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Reality-Competition Program". Phil Keoghan, has been the host of the show since its start. Read on to know more about creators of Amazing Race show.

The Co-Creator and Co-Executive Producer of the CBS reality show The Amazing Race Elise Doganieri is also credited for being show producer of ABC's "Profiles From the Front Line" as well as producer and story editor on the pilot for Paramount's "Wild Things." The Amazing race show is produced by Earthview Inc. the production company run by Elise Doganieri along with her husband Bertram van Munster. Doganieri is also an executive producer of Oprah Winfrey's reality show Oprah's Big Give.

Van Munster is President and CEO of Worldrace Productions, Inc., Profiles Television Productions LLC, and Earthview, Inc, which are all based in Los Angeles, California. As the creators of the Amazing Race show along with his wife, Van Munster’s tv formats and productions have been created and sold all across the globe including countries like India, Africa, Australia, the Asia Pacific region, Israel and China. His company has won several other prestigious awards and nominations which include Golden Eagle Awards, Reality Cares, Producers Guild Of America, three Emmy Awards for editing as well as two Emmy Awards for cinematography. Munster is also the Cinematographer as well as producer on the series COPS for FOX Television receiving 4 Emmy Nominations. Having directed and photographed for thousands of TV commercials, he also has over 600 reality television episodes for major US networks under his belt.

the amazing race show was created for the US market, the show still maintains international TV sensibilities. The creators of the Amazing Race show - Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster have seen the show rise in popularity ever since its inception and averaging 10 million viewers per season.

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