The Amazing Race Winners - Meghan & Cheyne

The winners Meghan & Cheyne were a favorite with the fans right from the start in the 15th season of the Amazing race. The couple gleefully shares memories of their time together and plans on getting married. But their adventures together are still not over. Read on to know more about Amazing Race winners Meghan & Cheyne.

The young San Diego couple are both 23 years old. While Meghan is an account executive, Cheyne is a brand manager. The couple beat the teams of brothers Sam and Dan and married couple Ericka and Brian to win the race. The viewers were hardly surprised about Meghan & Cheyne Amazing Race winners and found them certainly deserving. Keeping reasonably calm, cool and collected even under high pressure, neither of them did any complaining.

For Meghan, the hardest part of the leg was the hay bales where he had to unroll about 50 of those things and Cheyne found the golem to be the worst as they were really, really heavy. Dubai was definitely the turning point for both of them where they were able to gain confidence and run two legs of the race completely on their own successfully. But for the winners Meghan & Cheyne, the race has been a great learning experience. Meghan feels Cheyne to be one of the best competitors in the whole race while Cheyne is unbelievably proud of Megan. Both of them gave it all at every step of the race showing an amazingly strength and intelligence.

Meghan & Cheyne do not plan to waste the money on the wedding but invest it wisely. They will definitely get married somewhere along the line but right now they are both trying to save as much as they can and be smart about this. All the best to Meghan & Cheyne Amazing Race winners!

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