The Mystery Food In Amazing Race

What makes an unforgettable season of Amazing Race is its food challenges and tasks which the contestants have to perform. The mystery food in Amazing Race is one of the trademarks of Amazing Race challenges. It can be some ‘exotic food’ that the contestants would have to eat. Including the extreme eating tasks to attract the crowd may not sound so appealing to some viewers, but it is the mystery food in Amazing Races which makes the show fairly entertaining Well, there are contestants who are completely vegan. And there might be players who have food allergies, despite their otherwise fit physique. The mystery food in Amazing Race as a challenge just automatically puts those people at a disadvantage.

Here are some suggestions on mystery food in Amazing Races:

Mixed Elements

One can go wild and think of any concoction of different foods when it come to Amazing race food challenges. When combined together although edible to eat, they could be just be too gross,. For example, think of a combination of mashed bananas, some eggs, gummy bears, corn chips and canned sardines. Top up with chocolate syrup fro an exciting menu.

Raw vegetable shakes

Take a blender and throw in a combination of some raw vegetables. Can be anything form okra, bitter gourd, tomatoes, jackfruit, eggplants and water. Get an instant vegetable shake and offer one tall glass serving per player as mystery food in Amazing Race! Or think about having to eat lots of Honk Kong food in order to spot one of the five plastic food replicas on the buffet tray. The teams have to find plastic food, and eat anything they picked out that wasn’t plastic. Sometimes there is most disgusting food-all meat-to use for contests. Racers often get sick trying out the mystery food in Amazing Race. None knows what really will be offered as Amazing Race food challenge. - frogs, scorpions or some local delicacy?

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