The Amazing Race Winners - Nick & Starr

Nick & Starr, Amazing Race winners were considered the best team on Race 13 and its no surprise they won. The team of brother/sister duo triumphed in seven of the eleven legs in this season. They crossed the finish line just minutes before Ken and Tina outside the beautiful Portland, Oregon, emerging victorious on last night's Amazing Race finale & winning the $1 million first prize. Read on to know more about the winners Nick & Starr, their time in the race and what they plan in the future.

Nick is a 22-year-old actor from New York City while his sister Starr is a 21-year-old former NFL cheerleader from Texas. Nick is proud of his sister as a person, as a competitor, and as a racer. It is their consistent performance of Nick & Starr Amazing Race winners throughout the race that led to a finale win. Although they looked a little formidable towards the end of the series, they still managed to recover.

Nobody knows this but Nick ran the race with a torn MC as he had gotten surgery before the race. Facing difficult tasks and challenges, it was pretty ridiculous and shocking for him at first. What they found most frustrating were the cab rides which were ridiculous and frustrating with the driver not able to follow their directions.

Nick & Starr are both at an age where it is a nice feeling to not to pay rent every month. So both of them are looking into options to buy a house and possibly putting down payments. They both want to make right and responsible choices with the money and just don’t want to while it away. They also plan to travel and see the world but the most part of the prize will go in investing and making their futures secure.

The winners Nick & Starr feel that more than winning the million dollar prize, it is the experiences that they have gone through together.

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