The South American Version Of The Amazing Race

The South American version of the Amazing Race is step ahead for the race giving way to international competition. As one of the favorite shows on television, the race sets up challenges for the contestants amidst often stunning images of countries around the word. Let us know a bit more about the South American version of the Amazing Race which truly entertains.

The 13th season of the race was set in South America. The teams left Fortaleza in northeastern Brazil as to finish the pit stop, while the remaining nine teams flew to La Paz, Bolivia. It was difficult for the teams to get used to from a tropical seacoast to the high altitude city. The participants experienced difficulty in breathing and movement. Their first challenge in the South American version of the Amazing Race was to take a taxi from El Alto Airport to the statue of Simon Bolivar in central La Paz, where they had to wait the delivery of the early morning newspaper to find their next clue.

The clues form the newspapers led them to a hat shop near the Plaza Murillo, the main plaza in the city. South American version of the Amazing Race also involved a march along a route between two plazas and collecting band members along the way. The next clue led them to Los Titanes del Ring in El Alto, for wrestling matches among women wrestlers. Once the teams survived the wrestling match, they hurried to the next pit stop, situated high above the city at the Mirador del Monticulo where they got some excellent views of the city. The first team to arrive won a trip to Mexico, while the last team got eliminated.

Sure, the contestants were pushed into stressful situations and drama during the South American version of the Amazing Race often arising from inter-personal relations. But it was no big surprise for the show to win its 6th Emmy in a row last night for "Outstanding Reality-Competition Program".

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