Tyler & James -The Amazing Race Winners

The Amazing Race winners, Tyler & James have been through many life-changing experiences prior to entering the tenth season of The Amazing Race. Both were male models and recuperating drug addicts. Their modeling career brought them to many lands. While Tyler Denk sees himself as an athletic and smart individual, James Branaman believes that he is more competent of handling nerve-wracking situations than his best friend. Other interests of Tyler include surfing and golfing while James is artistically inclined towards photography and painting. Read on to know more about the Amazing Race winners Tyler & James.

The Amazing Race, 10th season was the first one to start and end at the same location, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, near Denver. The duo, Tyler & James Amazing Race winners proved to be one of the strongest teams in this season of Amazing Race competition. They performed well right from the start and were consequently awarded $20,000 at arriving first at end of leg 1. They raced on to claim two more pit stop prizes, one at the end of leg 10 and the leg 11. Eventually, they emerged as winners of the Amazing Race 10 title and took home one million dollar prize. Jumping into the lead, they beat Rob and Kimberly by a mere fraction of an hour.

Tyler & James met four years ago during the Semester at Sea program and have remained best buds ever since. They have also shared the experience of sailing around the world. There are more interesting stories about them. In 2004, James walked the whole length of Japan to impress his Japanese girlfriend. Together, they have been known to start a dance party in the streets of downtown Guilin, China, whish soon turned into a gathering of hundreds of Chinese men.

James is a Harvard University graduate, while Tyler passed out from UC Santa Cruz. Both have traveled the world broadly, can speak several languages and both share a love for nature as well as adventure and travel. Their primary motivation for participating in the Amazing Race was to experience the challenge of racing around the world, meeting new people, see foreign lands and of course the $1 million prize.

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